Volunteer Staff

Partners on the Ground:

YWAM Arusha-YWAM was given 16 acres in the heart of Masaai land in Tanzania, where the masaai people still wear their traditional clothing and live the same way they did a few centuries ago. The word ‘Engikaret”, means land of dust, but it is turning into a land of “Hope”.  The vision is to see an established outreach center that will serve the Masaai people through education, discipleship programs, mobile clinics, community health care programs, adult education, vocational training for the Masaai Morans (tribal worriers), HIV/AIDS awareness programs, women empowerment, dairy farming, training center etc. The Maasai have recently given more land for more schools to be built in the area.

John and Jacinta Mulkowe – Directors of the Arusha Base.  Born and raised in Kenya, they both serve as missionaries in Tanzania.  They also direct the distribution of finances for Face 4 Hope.  John and Jacinta have two daughters, Miracle and Faith,  and many others who call them ‘mom and dad’.




Edward and Anesta – directors of the Engikaret base.  Being both Maasai, they understand the culture and have an amazing heart for their people.  They are parents of two children, Promise and Praise, 4 and 1 years old.








Jeff and Beatrice – House parents of the Tumaini home in Arusha.  Jeff is from Kenya and Beatrice is Maasai and from Tanzania.  They recently had a baby to add to the 7 children who have been brought into the home.



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