Team 4 Hope

Team 4 Hope is a challenge. A world away in Tanzania, 88% if the population is living under the poverty line and 1.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS.

Faces 4 Hope, a locally based nonprofit, seeks to educate, enable, and empower the people of East Africa by connecting cultures, building relationships, meeting needs and providing opportunity.  Learn more about Faces 4 Hope at

Opportunities like education, clean water and medical care are matters of life or death in Africa but can be provided through Faces 4 Hope, generous donors, and now athletes.

Run a half Marathon or whatever your event may be for a PURPOSE!  It is as easy as this:

Email us to let you know you or several of you are running in a race.

Get sponsors to give online, putting Team4Hope in the comment box, and we will keep track.

Get at least 3 sponsors and you will receive a tshirt to wear in the race, and you will have helped a nation on the other side of the globe.

YOU can make a difference


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