Building Projects

New Primary School as of January, 2012

In places like Northern Tanzania, Maasai living in rural communities can be long distances away from resources for food, education, or medical care. Without close proximity of a school, children may never receive an education. Need for food supplies or medical care could mean walking miles in scorching, hot weather with no water.

With the help of generous donors, Faces 4 Hope has been able to fund periodic medical care, a small store and corn grinder, a support a preschool and build a primary school in the center of a Maasai community known as Engikaret. As the children progress through school, more classrooms will need to be constructed so that students will not be forced out of their community in order to continue their education. Faces 4 Hope desires to continue constructing in remote communities in East Africa that lack accessible resources for survival and enrichment.

In areas prone to flood or extreme conditions, Faces 4 Hope also provides emergency housing assistance. Many poverty stricken families live in dangerous and unstable homes for years because they cannot afford to fix the damage a disaster left.  Faces 4 Hope building projects can return a house from a dangerous living environment back to a safe haven.


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