Sponsorship Program

Of all the things you could give a child, an opportunity for education leaves the biggest impact on their life. In rural areas of East Africa, many children are never given the chance to go to school because families cannot afford to pay school fees. Faces 4 Hope has created a bridge between children and youth desiring to continue their education and those who are looking to change a life through the sponsorship program.

The Faces 4 Hope School Sponsorship program serves children in primary school through college. Students are referred to Faces 4 Hope on a rolling basis, each facing a unique set of needs and challenges. Becoming a sponsor for a child not only provides a hopeful future for a student, it also instills a sense of value in their lives.

Providing hope through opportunity for education costs only $600 a year or $50 a month. Those funds not only cover the student’s school fees but also supply school materials, uniforms, personal hygiene needs, transportation, and medical care.

Primary students hold individual accounts, but when they enter into Secondary Education, they enter into the program of Secondary Students for Faces 4 Hope.  Any of their needs are met, whether it be hospitalization, or a healthy child.  If they need new shoes every month for school, they get them.  If they need a place to stay during their breaks, we provide that.  The average sponsorship is $50 a month to cover all their needs.  If they are a healthy student, who wears their shoes well, they may have extra that may go towards another student who wears his or her shoes out, or who lives farther away from their school, and needs more for bus fare, or who needs rescue during their break.  But if your child needs any of the above, he or she will get that too.  If he or she does not have any extra needs, any extra funds will go towards others who need more.  Please know your child will rely on you as their prayer warrior.  He or she knows there is someone out there who cares for them, and THAT is so important.  You are a true blessing to your child in Tanzania.

As a sponsor, you will be given updates, letters, and pictures of your student, along with being able to send letters, pictures, etc.  As a sponsor, you may come visit your child and we can help show you the way.

Children who need sponsoring for this school year are below.

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