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Tumaini Home Ministry – “Hope for Tomorrow” – YWAM Arusha

 Mission Statement: The Tumaini ministry seeks to reach and restore needy and hurting children, entrusting that the child is equipped with social life skills through education that will assist them to be productive individuals, positively affecting their community.  The vision of the Tumaini Ministry is to provide hope for underprivileged children.  Bringing educational, physical, and spiritual care.

From Vision to Reality

The experience of being anorphan is an unimaginable burden. Lives claimed by disease, war or poverty leave many children in Africa with a life-long fight for survival. While churches and other institutions aim to provide shelter for orphans, many orphanages can become over occupied and unsafe environments for these already marginalized children.  A general orphanage may be able to provide daily needs like food and a shelter, but if family environment is not present in a child’s life, they lose their individuality and the opportunity to excel to their full potential.

This was the realization of Jacinta Mukolwe, better known as Mama Miracle. Abandoned at birth, Mama Miracle grew up inside crowded orphanages where her only solitude was under the sheets of her small bed. After being adopted as a young teenager, she was finally able to experience the love of a family and her world expanded far beyond what she could have imagined. It became her dream to give other orphans the opportunity to grow up in a family environment as well. Her dream became reality through the Tumaini ministry.

Tuimaini ministry began when John & Jacinta (Mama Miracle) met a young boy named Patrick in the village near the YWAM base in Arusha, Tanzania. In their conversation they discovered that he wasn’t attending school because his father had died and the mother was down from the killer disease (HIV AIDS). Mama Miracle felt the call in her heart to take him into her home and give him the opportunity to go to school and have a family. As time went on, more children came under Mama Miracle’s wing until her limited resources could not take on any more.

The vision for the Tuimaini Home came from the growing need to care for the most desperate of children. The original plans for the building were drawn on a flimsy napkin, but the commitment and heart of the project was concrete strong. With the help of prayer and generous donors from the United States, the construction of Tumaini home started in 2008. The kids moved in the home in 2011 August wi.th still some work to be done on it.

The building has a capacity for 45 plus children and is currently occupied with seven children and six staff. It is designed with the purpose of having two sets of live-in “parents,” one on each floor of the building. Their sole responsibility is to be a lifelong mother and father to the children in the home. The goal of the ministry as it expands is to have one staff member for every four children in the home. By integrating Christ-like leaders into the daily lives and environments of orphaned children, it is the hope of John & Jacinta (Mama Miracle) that each child will be enriched by the “family experience.” Instead of growing up in an environment where they are just one more hungry mouth to feed, the Tumaini children are loved on like sons and daughters.

In order to simulate the true family experience, the children are expected to do their part in household chores and attend daily tutoring and church services together. Tuimaini home is designed to have a study room, children’s lounge, and has large bedrooms making the environment both workable and welcoming. Anyone who has spent even an hour in the home knows the joy and friendship that breathes from its walls. The Tumaini family is absolutely ready to expand with the needed resources.

Criteria for Children to Enter the Tumiani House

The criteria for children who are being considered to enter the Tumiaini Home are that they are under eight years old, although individual cases will be taken into account. These children come from homes where one or both parents have died or are unable to care for them do to disease or other problematic circumstance. As funds become available and the Tumaini ministry becomes able to expand, the goal is to fill the home to full capacity serving the children through secondary school and onward into trade school or university.


Because the house “parents” are all un-paid, long-term volunteers, they cannot use their own finances to provide these needs for the children, but what they do provide is priceless. The support that they give to these children emotionally, spiritually, and physically is far more than they would ever receive in an orphanage and it is strong enough to take deeply wounded hearts and renew them. Providing these children with committed mentors and leaders not only helps them grow into Godly men and women, it gives them a model for forming their own families in the future.


While the Tuimaini home is equipped with rooms and limited furniture for the current group of children, there is need of consistent monthly support and funds to allow for increasing costs and the opportunity to move in other needy children.

In order for the home to be completed to its full potential, the following property improvements are needed.

• A security fence – The home currently has a temporary barbed wire fence but is in need of a walled compound either around the property or extended off the neighboring YWAM base.

• Water tanks – Water is currently being carried in buckets from the YWAM base in order to be used in the home.

• Bathroom doors – There are large, fully functioning bathrooms on both floors on the home but there are still no doors on the toilets.

• Kitchen ware & appliances – The kitchen in the home is still unfinished and needs to be completed.

• The study room and lounge still needs to be equipped.

Apart from property needs, the ministry is still in need of monthly financial support in order to provide the children with necessities such as food, clothing, personal hygiene and funds to pay electricity and medical bills. Unfortunately, due to African inflation, these needs are steadily rising. As a part of creating the family environment, the Tumaini staff aim to provide their children with enriching and educational experiences through field trips to the market, parks, and churches. The hope is that funds become available often enough to provide a “family day” outside the home once a month.

As God provides more funds for these most needy of children, The Tumaini Home is ready to receive more children with open hearts and open arms to give them Hope for Tomorrow.

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