Micro Loans and Job Training

Giving a Faces 4 Hope loan to a woman does so much more than give her the opportunity to start a small business. It empowers a woman to sometimes for the first time feel value in her life. With a stable income, a woman is able to provide her family with food and shelter. Her children are able to be given an education and become empowered themselves: thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Faces 4 Hope’s job training programs help empower young girls between the ages of 15-30 who desire to learn a skill or trade.  These young women have been denied the opportunity to become educated or were stripped of the ability to continue due to a forced marriage or pregnancy from rape, life can seem hopeless.

Job Training


Faces 4 Hope provides these communities with an everlasting hope and new life found in Christ Jesus through weekly fellowship meetings, and monthly seminars. Teachers brought in and lunch is necessary to provide as many walk hours to attend.

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