Famine Relief

With changing climate and deforestation, droughts in sub-Saharan areas of Africa are becoming more frequent and long lasting. As land dries up the crops die and animals begin to starve, leaving people with no source of income or access to food. When a community’s food supply becomes nonexistent, hunger quickly turns to malnourishment and people become in need of immediate relief.

To assist rural communities suffering from drought and famine, Faces 4 Hope provides locally conscious dispersion of food for immediate survival. Funds given to Faces 4 Hope’s famine relief program purchase large quantities of rice, beans, flour, and corn as well as cover transportation costs to deliver the food to hungry communities.

You Can Give Hope through Your Donations !

1 Chicken           $10.00

1 Goat                 $40.00

1 Bag of Corn      $30.00

1 Cow                 $250.00

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