Medical Care

Medical Clinics

In rough terrain and intense climate, the elements in Africa can pose an added threat to survival. Many people are in need of basic medical care to treat illness or emergency care for accidents or complications during childbirth. Most are unable to be treated because they cannot afford travel to hospitals long distances away or cannot pay for the care even if they most desperately need it.





Faces 4 Hope is able to provide medical care to rural communities by holding medical clinics bi-monthly with the help of local and visiting doctors. At these clinics, people can receive affordable medicine and bandaging to heal wounds and illness that could have turned life threatening if not treated. Funds for Faces 4 Hope’s medical care effort provide medical equipment, medicine, and travel for emergency situations.

Cost to run a medical clinic is approximately $300 USD.   It is the vision of Faces 4 Hope to obtain a four-wheel drive vehicle for use in emergency medical conditions and for providing traveling clinics to currently unreachable communities needing more frequent medical attention.

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